The Benefits of Ebooks

ebookYou most probably experienced carrying a lot of books during your school days. They were heavy, aren’t they? When it’s raining, you wished you carried a bigger umbrella to accommodate the big bag of books, teachers asked students to bring to school, because if the books get wet, you have to use the blow dryer to dry them out. That time of carrying books has long been gone. This is the era of digital books, or the so-called electronic books or ebooks.

Having an ebook application offer students, adults and book enthusiasts an option to have as many books as they can possibly have. As long as the memory of their phones or tablets can accommodate books, there is always room for more. Here are the many advantages of using ebooks compared to the normal paperback books that you have:

Bring it anywhere you like. Ebooks are downloaded. Whether you purchase it from an online shop or downloaded freely, you can bring it anywhere you like. As long as you have your phone, you don’t have to worry how many books you carry. The data are all stored in the memory of your phone or tablet, and you always have the book anywhere you go.

Have as many as you like or need. No more hurting your back and arms from carrying the books you need to read. You only have to download them and you’re good to go. Even the ever-friendly dictionary can now be downloaded as well as applications for it. You can actually have more than 100 books in your tablet without breaking a sweat!

Taking notes and bookmarking. The ebook reader applications have in them tools for taking notes, highlighting and bookmarking them. You don’t need to bring a highlighter or insert that good old bookmark in between the pages to indicate what page you are. All you need is the ebook reader application, download the book and use the tools which are quite user friendly.

Frequent reading. Because the ebook is portable and easy to carry, you can always read them wherever you are. You can read them while you are traveling in a bus or waiting in line for your turn at the grocery. Indeed, no dull moment with a book, or in this case, an ebook!

More opportunities for learning. Having installed the required books that you need, you can easily look for information that you need. For instance, if you are trying to learn a new language or phrase, you can easily look it up with the search bar provided by the ebook reader application. No more looking at the index and table of contents just to get to what you need. The ebook reader application makes it easier for you.

Multitasking. What’s your favorite activity while reading? Drinking coffee, eating your favorite cookies? Well, you can easily do that now with ebooks. In the past, libraries would not permit anyone from bringing food to the library because the crumbs that you left will invite ants and other insects that may eat away the pages of the old books. With the advent of ebooks, you can actually sit in the park or school playground and eat and drink what you like without worrying that you might spill it over the book and damage it. However, with the tablet or phone, you should have it encased in a protective cover so that it is also protected from the elements.

Level up Private Reading. There are times that you want to read books with titles that may raise the eyebrows of anyone who might see it. With the use of ebooks, you can now read them in private without having to worry about what anyone would say. Even the kids will not know what you are reading!

Spend time more wisely. With a good ebook application, you can search for the book that you need in seconds. You can download the book you need in minutes! You don’t have to spend time traveling and going to the library as well as going through the stack of books to get the information you need. You can always get it from your ebook application.

Save space. Remember how you have to buy all those cabinets to store your books? Sometimes they are so many that you have to store the rest of them in the attic. Though they are quite great to look at, it is not good for people who would want to save as much space in their home. With the ebook, the space that was allotted for the cabinet of books can be used for other furniture in the house.

Lessons from Books: Caring for Elderly People

elderly careAre you caring for elderly people? Have you experienced caring for elderly people and children? Did you notice that there is a big difference between caring for the elderly and children? Newborn, infants and children are dependent on their parents for love, care and support. In the same way, the elderly, because of the degeneration of many body processes as well as deteriorating body systems will also be entirely reliant on the love, care and support of their children or elderly care services. How do you care for your elderly parents?

Much of the knowledge that you have in caring for your elderly folks come from elderly care books or the internet as well as ideas from your own family. If you grow up in a family where your mom or dad cared for your grandparents, your ideas for caring will also be derived from what you’ve seen. Basically, there are three elements in the caring practice:

People. One of the most important elements in the practice of caring are the people involved in the delivery of care. These are the nurses, caregivers, workers, doctors and other allied health professionals involved in the care of the elderly. It is important that these people are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and values in rendering the care that their patient requires. You should look for competent care givers or nurses that have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to care for older people. Look for the value of assertiveness and reliability. They should also have empathy and compassionate behavior towards older people.

Process. This element pertains to the delivery of quality care that promotes the dignity of the senior citizen through the establishment of rapport and effective communication, needs assessment, respect for privacy and dignity as well as coordination with the family of the elderly for continuous support and care. This can only be provided by skilled and trained health care personnel, thus it is vital that you take careful consideration in selecting home care staff or personnel. The people involved in the care should also show responsibility not only on their own way and process of providing care, but monitor those who deviate from the standards of practice.

Place. The element of place consists of a safe and appropriate environment for the elderly. This would either consist of environment modification at home or a home care facility for the elderly that is both safe and offer equality and diverse environment. You should ensure that there is no discrimination towards anyone in the home care facility or the elderly folks you are leaving in the care of the care workers.

Caring for the elderly, especially those that are ill will naturally require skilled home care workers. Depending on the severity of their illness, most elderly that are sick may benefit best in living in a home care facility for the elderly. However, care should be taken in choosing the appropriate care home facility to ensure that the elderly will get the optimum available services for them.

Readers and eBooks

I first got my own book when I was 5. Actually, it was a textbook given by the school for learning reading. I distinctly remember the colorful pages and the big prints. More importantly, I remember reading the whole book in one weekend, occasionally spelling out words to my mother as I do not know how they were read.

I first read my eBook 4 years ago. Since I didn’t have a reader that time, I read the eBook in my laptop. Since then, I discovered the wide array of eBooks available online. Books I haven’t read in the past, when I purchased my reader, I now have the opportunity to read eBooks anytime anywhere. Collecting great reads and organizing them in a slim reader that I can carry around anywhere would have been unthinkable 10 years ago! Imagine a library weighting less than a pound in your hands or in your bag. Moreover, the cost of these eBooks are way lesser as compared to the printed pages.

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It may have been unthinkable 5 years ago, but just like the use of smartphones, readers have easily adapted or adjusted to the concept of eBooks. Based on digital prints purchased by readers, statistics clearly shows the percentage of reader’s choice when it comes to reading. More and more people are shifting to reading eBooks obviously.


Writers have also found their niche in the eBook revolution. For hundreds of years, publishers held the key which would give authors access to their possible millions of readers. Now, frustrated writers who have experienced multiple rejections of their manuscripts are discovering the wonders of self-publishing, thanks to the Internet. Now we meet a plethora of writers who either writes for pleasure or for money creatively publishing their own books online. The resource for needed information are now filled with contributors and book writers without the rejection of agents and publishers. Many writers who have published their own books have been welcomed by book lovers bringing in revenues.


As more and more readers across ages prefer eBooks, the changing trends in this digital revolution has benefited both the reader and author.