Books Vs. Ebooks [Infographic]

Is it really anyone’s fault that eBooks were invented? Truth be told, the world now prefers the new technology of virtual paper and page turning. A great many still swear by the paperback.

Now, if you’d ask me, I’m all about reading. Reading in itself using a book is awesome. But sometimes, you need something in a small, secure package, just like your smartphone.

So without further ado, here’s an infographic about books and ebooks.

Knowing More about the Digital Book Age and eBook Reviews

Reading is not just all about the creative pictures, interesting stories and great content of the book. It also describes how people react to what you they really feel when reading it.

Thanks to the availability and the excellent readability of this new digital world, we have come to the fact that eBook has totally change our views and opinions about ideal reading. It’s a great change for all bookworms out there.

It’s a great choice for all book lovers and readers who read, not just two, but more books every day. It’s a simple device that you can store thousands of your favourite full books in its tiny form factor. Aside from that, eBook gives you the option and opportunity to customize font styles and sizes the way you want it to. Also, it has built-in dictionaries to look up for words that you want to understand even more.

And the best part of it, you can download a variety of written works from popular and distinguished writers from all over the world, including magazines, newspapers and catalogues.

There are many different modern phones and tablets these days that we usually encounter in our lives, from home and at the office. These gadgets come with eReader apps as well. The back lit displays of these gadgets that causes eyestrain and sores because they directly strike into your eyes when reading.

With this reason, eBook has answered this dilemma. They use e-link displays which looks similar to paper inks. Many modern digital readers offer front lighting, a technology where LED lights surround the screen and reflect light downwards, making the lighting much easier for your eyes.

Aside from that, eBook readers have huge libraries of books for you to choose from, including free classics and library books. This allows you to take your beloved books everywhere if you don’t want to get rid of them instantly. For the dedicated bookworm, our eReader reviews focus on e-ink devices, since they are easier on the eyes. You can share with us your favourite eBook readers too.

This year, for digital readers, not all are created equal. Some serves as the same primary purpose as reading platforms. Always remember that what may work best for one book lover may not be ideal for another. Here are the things you need to focus on when you are unsure of what you are searching for in eBook.

User Readability

As we all know, most of the eBook readers these days are using e-ink technology to improve readability through reducing the glare and then improving the contrast of it to provide better reading to all users and book lovers all around the world.

You should include readability in your criteria when choosing eBook reading materials today. Also, look for an eReader with a built-in light that you can use to read in dim and dark environments. That should do the trick if you are still reading during the night before going to bed. Other readability factors include screen resolution and touchscreen capability.

Also, if you are using a touchscreen monitor, you can easily adjust the settings and pages without using physical buttons as you would do on your smartphone or tablet.


As readability is important to all eBook readers, so does instant access to new published books and the convenience of it at the comfort of your home.

Virtually speaking, there are thousands of titles for all eBook readers integrated in the eBook store for all of you. Just go where your heart decides and choose the books you’d really like and store it in your gadget for as long as you wants.

Easy and Comfortable

The very thing that eBook wants to really do is to make their customers feel convenient and comfortable in reading their books and take it with them anywhere. They should be easy and comfortable to hold for an extended period of time. It’s the best thing for all book readers out there. When you travel, make sure you have 3G data for a fast way to buy and download new eBooks.

eBook Features

Finally, for the last important thing to remember, an eBook reader’s features are less important than the main benefits of such a device. But, the available features on an eReader could help you make the final choice among others. Look for an automatic syncing system of your top digital books across any devices you use. With this feature, you can pick up reading on your smartphone where you left off on your eReader.

If you really do love reading but hate hugging all those heavy and dusty books, as you can see in the libraries, then an eBook reader is perfect for you. It can make your reading ability of your favourite novels and other content more convenient and enjoyable anytime and anywhere. Choose the right eBook reader today to see the difference.

7 Cool Reads on Amazon About Interior Design

Design books are in! They can be books about style or décor which are similarly like magazines. These kinds of books can even give more knowledge and tips than those from the magazines. You can easily flip on the pages, check on the options that you like and you may easily apply them if you can have an idea on how to follow them correctly.

We have seven cool books here that you can flip on anytime that you want from Amazon:

1. Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life

As we have mentioned earlier, books are similarly like magazines, and if you want a book that is still fully illustrated like a magazine and at the same time, gives the best tips that as much as possible you would want to have, this book would be perfect for you. It is packed with cool advices, ideas and lessons that are worth learning.

2. Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation

We have to admit, we would always love to live in a home with a classy interior design. With Homemakers’ book, you will be crafting and creating a home of your dreams. It can even unleash your style and ability to decorate!

3. The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful

The title itself is already very inspirational, it is very agreeable as well to think that nobody and nothing is really perfect. Same goes for our interior design. The author would like to make things simple as possible especially if you are living with boys, kids and pets who can create mess unconsciously.

4. Nicky Haslam: A Designer’s Life

Nicholas “Nicky” Haslam is already widely known for his capability of designing opulent, original and timeless home interiors. His works stayed glamorous as always that can certainly flatter you as you live and continuously flatter your guests. So, if you want to learn more about his talent and style, his book is a must-have.

5. Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More

When it comes to the interior design, colours is a must and you can learn more of it from this book. Anne Sloan, the author of the book is an expert in this field. You can see to it that the book can give you a lot of tips on what colours to mix and use with its meanings and the effects of having it. There are a lot of London painters decorators that you can choose from with varieties of colours to offer in time that you need them.

6. Domino: The Book of Decorating: A Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home That Makes You Happy

Having a great home design isn’t just all about one specific room, you should work from any rooms that you have! It can help you have a design which will be very appealing especially to your visitors who loves to check your interior design as a whole.

7. Barbara Westbrook: Gracious Rooms

This is Barbara’s very first book that focuses on creating a beautiful home that’s full of comfort and warmth. Create a masterpiece with a Southern look with a European feel with this book!

Cool Book Recommendations For Car Fans

A car, especially a luxury one, is a fantasy for many. It is evident how it is usually expensive and lots of funds are needed when you are to own one. Nevertheless, with the many different models out there before and now, this fact does not stop people from aspiring to possess one or even more.

Now, for car fans from young and old to male and female, here are some books you can turn to if you want some automobile fun and knowledge:

365 Cars You Must Drive by Matt Stone with John Matras. The authors pay homage to each and every car that has engraved the names in vehicle history. Here they provide information about them from specifications to prices and they also share their experiences in driving them.

Million-Dollar Classics: The World’s Most Expensive Cars by Martin Derrick and Simon Clay. Just as its title alone suggests, it is about the top notch car models that have been under the spotlight amongst car enthusiasts. It is a photo collection that really showcases how stunning each automobile is.

My First Car: Recollections of First Cars from Jay Leno, Tony Stewart, Carroll Shelby, Dan Ackroyd, Tom Wolfe and Many More by Matt Stone. The first is always unforgettable and that also applies with your first car. Here, the people mentioned tell stories about the memory of their being behind the wheel for the first time.

How to Repair Your Car by Paul Brand. Automotive expert, Paul, brings you an easy to follow guide for your car repair, cleaning and maintenance needs. Of course, if you have a vehicle, you will need to know how you are to work with it, especially if a problem arises. And so, here it is. Most likely, the book will advise you to pay much attention to any floor leaks and invest in garage floor tiles. Even how to handle your fuel is discussed.

How to Design Cars Like a Pro by Tony Lewin, Ryan Borroff and Ian Callum. To those interested in automotive design, here is a publication you can turn to. Get to know more about how cars are conceptualised and made. There are interviews of leading designers as well, so you will definitely learn a lot from their perspectives.

The Best Car Book in the World: Exploring the World’s Most Expensive Cars, the World’s Rarest Cars, and Cars of the Future by Peter Hedditch. Get ready to explore the world of cars with this book. This guide shows you how much technology has influenced with the production of automobiles and how they have looked and performed from the past up to the present. The future models are even given focus.

You Are What You Drive: What Your Car Says About You by Jay Lamm. Whatever car you are driving or aiming to drive, here is an entertaining read that will accurately determine your personality. Cars and psychology is indeed a very interesting mix with this.

Maybe you are not yet with a vehicle but anyways, you can still live the experience while grabbing and reading these books.

The Benefits of Ebooks

ebookYou most probably experienced carrying a lot of books during your school days. They were heavy, aren’t they? When it’s raining, you wished you carried a bigger umbrella to accommodate the big bag of books, teachers asked students to bring to school, because if the books get wet, you have to use the blow dryer to dry them out. That time of carrying books has long been gone. This is the era of digital books, or the so-called electronic books or ebooks.

Having an ebook application offer students, adults and book enthusiasts an option to have as many books as they can possibly have. As long as the memory of their phones or tablets can accommodate books, there is always room for more. Here are the many advantages of using ebooks compared to the normal paperback books that you have:

Bring it anywhere you like. Ebooks are downloaded. Whether you purchase it from an online shop or downloaded freely, you can bring it anywhere you like. As long as you have your phone, you don’t have to worry how many books you carry. The data are all stored in the memory of your phone or tablet, and you always have the book anywhere you go.

Have as many as you like or need. No more hurting your back and arms from carrying the books you need to read. You only have to download them and you’re good to go. Even the ever-friendly dictionary can now be downloaded as well as applications for it. You can actually have more than 100 books in your tablet without breaking a sweat!

Taking notes and bookmarking. The ebook reader applications have in them tools for taking notes, highlighting and bookmarking them. You don’t need to bring a highlighter or insert that good old bookmark in between the pages to indicate what page you are. All you need is the ebook reader application, download the book and use the tools which are quite user friendly.

Frequent reading. Because the ebook is portable and easy to carry, you can always read them wherever you are. You can read them while you are traveling in a bus or waiting in line for your turn at the grocery. Indeed, no dull moment with a book, or in this case, an ebook!

More opportunities for learning. Having installed the required books that you need, you can easily look for information that you need. For instance, if you are trying to learn a new language or phrase, you can easily look it up with the search bar provided by the ebook reader application. No more looking at the index and table of contents just to get to what you need. The ebook reader application makes it easier for you.

Multitasking. What’s your favorite activity while reading? Drinking coffee, eating your favorite cookies? Well, you can easily do that now with ebooks. In the past, libraries would not permit anyone from bringing food to the library because the crumbs that you left will invite ants and other insects that may eat away the pages of the old books. With the advent of ebooks, you can actually sit in the park or school playground and eat and drink what you like without worrying that you might spill it over the book and damage it. However, with the tablet or phone, you should have it encased in a protective cover so that it is also protected from the elements.

Level up Private Reading. There are times that you want to read books with titles that may raise the eyebrows of anyone who might see it. With the use of ebooks, you can now read them in private without having to worry about what anyone would say. Even the kids will not know what you are reading!

Spend time more wisely. With a good ebook application, you can search for the book that you need in seconds. You can download the book you need in minutes! You don’t have to spend time traveling and going to the library as well as going through the stack of books to get the information you need. You can always get it from your ebook application.

Save space. Remember how you have to buy all those cabinets to store your books? Sometimes they are so many that you have to store the rest of them in the attic. Though they are quite great to look at, it is not good for people who would want to save as much space in their home. With the ebook, the space that was allotted for the cabinet of books can be used for other furniture in the house.

Readers and eBooks

I first got my own book when I was 5. Actually, it was a textbook given by the school for learning reading. I distinctly remember the colorful pages and the big prints. More importantly, I remember reading the whole book in one weekend, occasionally spelling out words to my mother as I do not know how they were read.

I first read my eBook 4 years ago. Since I didn’t have a reader that time, I read the eBook in my laptop. Since then, I discovered the wide array of eBooks available online. Books I haven’t read in the past, when I purchased my reader, I now have the opportunity to read eBooks anytime anywhere. Collecting great reads and organizing them in a slim reader that I can carry around anywhere would have been unthinkable 10 years ago! Imagine a library weighting less than a pound in your hands or in your bag. Moreover, the cost of these eBooks are way lesser as compared to the printed pages.

download (13)

It may have been unthinkable 5 years ago, but just like the use of smartphones, readers have easily adapted or adjusted to the concept of eBooks. Based on digital prints purchased by readers, statistics clearly shows the percentage of reader’s choice when it comes to reading. More and more people are shifting to reading eBooks obviously.


Writers have also found their niche in the eBook revolution. For hundreds of years, publishers held the key which would give authors access to their possible millions of readers. Now, frustrated writers who have experienced multiple rejections of their manuscripts are discovering the wonders of self-publishing, thanks to the Internet. Now we meet a plethora of writers who either writes for pleasure or for money creatively publishing their own books online. The resource for needed information are now filled with contributors and book writers without the rejection of agents and publishers. Many writers who have published their own books have been welcomed by book lovers bringing in revenues.


As more and more readers across ages prefer eBooks, the changing trends in this digital revolution has benefited both the reader and author.